William Jankowiak, Professor

Office: WRI B108
Phone: 702 895 3610
Fax: 702 895 4823
Email: jankbill@unlv.nevada.edu
Ph. D. : University of California Santa Barbara, 1986
Curriculum Vitae


Urban anthropology, charismatic movements, human sexuality, family systems, complex societies; China, Inner Mongolia.

I am a relentless field ethnographer who is currently working on a variety of projects that range from doing a restudy of Hohhot, the capital of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous region, People's Republic of China, to writing an ethnography of a specific Mormon polygamous community. I am also conducting research for a book tentatively titled A Case for Emotional Monogamy. It is my contention that we Homo sapiens are not sexually monogamous as a species as much as we are emotionally monogamous. The book explores the implications of this issue for understanding human sexual behavior.

Media Coverage

Video of William Jankowiak's EVOS (Evolution Studies Program) Seminar at Binghampton University:

Selected Publications

2010. (with Heber Hammon) “One Vision: The Making, Unmaking and Remaking of an American Polygamous Community.” In Modern Polygamy in the United States: Historical, Cultural, and Legal Issues Edited by Cardell K. Jacobson and Lara Burton, Oxford University Press (in press).

2009. (co-editor Jiemin Bao) Polygynous Society: Ethnographic Overviews from Five Cultures, Special Issue Ethnology.

2008. (edited) Intimacies: Sex and Love Across Cultures. (Columbia University Press).

2004. Well Being, Family Affections, and Ethical Nationalism in Urban China. (guest editor) Special Joint Issue for The Journal of Urban Anthropology and Studies of Cultural Systems and World Economic Development Vol33, No2-4.

2008. “Well Being, Cultural Pathology, and Personal Rejuvenation in a Chinese City: 1981- 2005. In The Good Life: Well Being in Anthropological Perspective. Gordon Matthews and Carol Izquierdo, editors. Oxford (England): Berghahn Publishers.

2008. Ethnicity and Chinese Identity. In China Handbook, editor Kam Louie. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

2008. (with Laura Mixson) I Have His Heart, Swinging Is Just Sex: The Ritualization of Sex and the Rejuvenation of the Love Bond in an American Spouse Exchange Community. In Intimacies: Between Love and Sex Around the World, W. Jankowiak, ed. Columbia University Press: 245-266.

2008. “Neighbors, Family, and Grandparents: In Urban China Affection Counts ” In Chinese Kinship and Relatedness: Some Contemporary Anthropological Perspectives. Susanne Brandstader and Goncalo Duro dos Santos eds. Routledge Publishers: 67-92.

2008. (with Peter Gray and Kelly Hatman) Globalizing Evolution: Female Choice, Nationality, and Perception of “Sexual Beauty” in China. Journal of Cross-Cultural Research, Vol.10:1-22:248-269.