Pierre Liénard, Associate Professor

Office: WRI B109
Phone: 702 895 3831
Fax: 702 895 4823
Email: Pierre.Lienard@unlv.edu
Ph. D. : Université Libre de Bruxelles, 2003
Curriculum Vitae


Decision-making in typical ecologies, cognition and culture, cultural evolution, behavioral ecology & evolutionary psychology, psychology of precaution, coalitional psychology, psychology of ritualized behavior, politics of pastoral societies, study of pastoral populations (Karimojong Cluster).

The common denominator of all components of my research agenda is an evolutionary approach to human cultures. Many recurrent features of cultures are probably best explained by properties of the human mind. In attempting to explain particular stable cultural items such as collective ritualized behaviors or typical patterns of social exchange and coalition, we should adopt a strong agenda of reduction to features of the mind.




Selected Publications

2010 Lienard, P., Life stages and risk-avoidance: Status- and context-sensitivity in precaution systems. Neurosci. Biobehav. Rev. (2010), doi:10.1016/j.neubiorev.2010.09.007

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